"I could have lived my life as a victim. I barely survived severe child abuse. I was bullied. I was an alcoholic. I was depressed. Fueled by anger and resentment, I almost gave up on life.


But I didn’t. Instead I went from abuse victim and alcoholic to professional speaker, author, business owner and non-profit organization founder."

Keith Edmonds

Are you in need of a stimulating, engaging and impactful speaker at your next conference or private event?


Accelerate your team's success as Keith delivers it all -  a dynamic delivery, profound insights, while bringing inspiration and motivation! 





for Business



  • Identify Barriers that hold them back 

  • Choose a Positive Daily Attitude

  • Determine the Possibilities 

  • Overcome Challenges

Challenges exist nearly for all individuals, teams, and businesses. The ability to push through those challenges with a limitless mindset is what determines whether an organization thrives or fails.

When leaders and employees feel empowered and supported within an organization, it sets the stage for growth. Individuals and teams can accomplish MASSIVE GOALS when they take ownership of their situation and are equipped with tools to reach new heights.

As an abuse survivor and former alcoholic, Keith knows what it takes to push through challenges and live a life without limits. He speaks to leaders and organizations across the nation, providing insights all industries can implement to break through barriers within their organization. Edmonds’ no excuse approach to life and business leaves people empowered with realistic advice they can immediately apply in their own careers.

The power of Keith’s story has versatile application and can be personalized for your organization.

With Keith’s approach to reaching MASSIVE goals in business, audiences will:

  • Identify barriers that hold them back from achieving goals

  • Know how to choose a positive daily attitude

  • Determine what’s possible when you live with limitless mindset

  • Discover ways to overcome challenges along the way



in Life

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  • Identify Barriers that hold them back 

  • Overcome their Past

  • Achieve Life Transformation 

  • Take Ownership of their own Success

When you fail to reach goals, it leads to disappointment and frustration. It’s really easy to get sidetracked, road blocked, and stuck in a rut between where you are and where you want to be in life. But what’s really holding you back from reaching your goals? Unforgiveness. Shame. Anger. Disappointment. Comparison. The list goes on, but what these feelings have in common is they prevent you from reaching your full potential. But the truth is only you are in control of whether or not you accomplish MASSIVE GOALS in life.

As a victim of severe child abuse, Keith lives with scars on his face for the world to see. Along with the external proof of his pain, he lived much of his life not living up to his full potential because of internal struggles he couldn’t overcome. He spent over two decades masking his pain with alcohol until he decided he wanted more out of life.

Now eight years sober, Keith teaches people how to transform their mindset and overcome barriers to help reach their goals.

The power of Keith’s story has versatile application and can be personalized.

With Keith’s approach to reaching MASSIVE goals in life, audiences will:

  • Identify barriers that are holding them back

  • Discover they have what it takes to overcome their past

  • Understand how to achieve life transformation

  • Not hold others accountable for their own success

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Event Planner at 

South Dakota Unified Judicial System

"Keith delivered one of the most talked about keynotes to-date for the Children's Justice Conference. His story is not only humbling but inspirational. His challenges and triumphs are a testimony to his survivor attitude. I highly recommend Keith Edmonds."

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