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Expert Life Transformation Speaker: Keith Edmonds

As a young child, Keith had already overcome more than most will face in a lifetime. At just fourteen months old, his mother’s boyfriend heartlessly held Keith’s face against an electric heater, scarring him for life. Not expected to live through the night, he miraculously recovered, but endured years of surgeries to give him a ‘normal’ appearance.


Throughout his young life Keith was bullied and lonely, leading to years of depression and self destruction. At the age of 13, Keith began abusing alcohol. The many years of masking his pain led to over two decades of depression, extreme substance abuse, and run-ins with the law.


It wasn’t until his 35th birthday when Keith decided to leave behind a life of resentment, take control of his life, and become who he was truly meant to be.  He later went on to work in corporate sales for Dell and the Coca-Cola Company, consistently earning top sales awards. At Coca-Cola, he was given the toughest route of inner-city Detroit because of his ability to connect to a difficult populous. In 2016, Keith Edmonds created the Keith Edmonds Foundation, a non-profit for abused and neglected children, as a way of paying it forward and helping all those children who were mistreated.


For nearly a decade Keith has used his story of transformation to inspire others. His no-excuses approach to life encourages audiences to overcome barriers and take control of reaching their full potential. He teaches relevant and retainable tools to help individuals and groups reach MASSIVE goals.


With natural humor and charisma, Keith’s keynote presentations inspire thousands of students, young adults, and professionals across the nation. His message is transformational and capable of touching those at every level of an organization.  Keith’s presentations can be designed to speak directly to the needs of your organization.


Bachelor’s Degree from Central Michigan University

Founder and President of Keith Edmonds Foundation, a non-profit organization for abused and neglected children

Youth Mentor at Barry Tatum Academy

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Event Planner at 

South Dakota Unified Judicial System

"Keith delivered one of the most talked about keynotes to-date for the Children's Justice Conference. His story is not only humbling but inspirational. His challenges and triumphs are a testimony to his survivor attitude. I highly recommend Keith Edmonds."

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