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Educate your audience to develop a SURVIVOR ATTITUDE from Keith's personal experiences and tragedies. Keith will help your organization develop workplace and personal empowerment!



Keith makes a commitment to audiences to deliver his story with honesty and humor while delivering a message which will lead to personal and workplace empowerment. As he shares with you, you will learn about Keith's C.O.D.E. This C.O.D.E. will renew your spirit, teach you resiliency, inspire you to help others, and give you a new perspective of yourself.

Keith is living proof that no matter the obstacle, there's
a way to smile through them.

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Keith has radically changed his life and decided he needed to help others change their lives as well. Keith has been sharing his story for the past five years but officially started his non-profit foundation in 2016 to help empower abused children. His stories about Overcoming Adversity, Substance Abuse, Depression, and Bullying have inspired countless audiences around the country.

  • On Nov. 18, 1978, while living in Flint, Michigan, his mother's boyfriend held Edmonds' face to an electric heater, horrifically scorching over 50 percent of the toddler's face with third degree burns. His abuser was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

  • As he grew older, Edmonds started down a troubled path fueled by substance abuse to cope with his emotional pain. But he had a moment of clarity on his 35th birthday on September 9, 2012 — while on yet another drinking binge — when he says he realized he wanted to be a better person.

  • Keith became self-destructive, which brings on disruption to others in your life. It was a long path and he felt like he was a horrible person. He was looking in the mirror and not comfortable about who he was. Though his upbringing was far from easy – coping sometimes meant shoplifting or alcohol – Keith is a survivor of the horrors he was forced to face, and is resilient not just in spite of them but through them.  "Everyone has scars," he says. "Some wear them outwardly, while some wear them on the inside." Through Keith's perseverance, he now feels the rewards of wearing both inside and outside scars.

Bearing one's scars with pride takes courage. No matter what scars they may be, Keith is living proof that no matter the obstacle, there's a way to smile through them.

Keith is a proud graduate of Central Michigan University. He has been the subject of features in People magazine, CNN Headline News, and CNT segments. He is a sought after speaker and travels across the country changing the course of his audiences lives through the sharing of his personal story. It empowers them to use their experiences, gifts, and skills to improve their lives.  

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"Keith brings a ton of knowledge and wisdom about choices and decision making to our students. His impact on our program has helped change lives and minds of young students. We are very thankful to have his participation daily at MAP Academy."

Principal @ MAP Academy, Wilson County Schools, TN



"Any organization that has the chance to utilize Keith's speaking abilities, should do so with confidence."

Executive Director @ Wilson County CASA, Inc.



"Keith delivered one of the most talked about keynotes to-date for the Children's Justice Conference. His story is not only humbling but inspirational. His challenges and triumphs are a testimony to his survivor attitude. I highly recommend Keith Edmonds."

Event Planner @ South Dakota Unified Judicial System



"The luncheon was a success in no small part to Keith's resonance and connection he made with the audience."

Executive Director @ Kids First Now





» US Department of Justice Major Crimes Victims Awareness Week
» Mid-Atlantic Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect
» The South Dakota Unified Judicial System-Children’s Conference 
» 18th Annual Kids First Luncheon, Roseville, CA
» Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce
» Numerous elementary, middle and high school student assemblies, universities, churches, civic clubs, fundraisers to benefit children and substance abuse programs throughout the country


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