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"I couldn't have imagined the impact Keith has brought to our company.  His business acumen along with his personal and straight forward style was exactly what we needed. He consults impeccably to understand organizational need and then brings innovative business relevant ideas and solutions to the table. Within a short time we developed a real world, workable plan and a time table to exceed our quarterly sales goals. As we remain focused on continuing our growth, I look forward to our weekly consulting sessions"  


Charlie H. Brooks, C.O.O.

Servepro of Middle TN



Whether you want to achieve goals in business or in your personal life, Keith Edmonds can show you the path to getting there. Using his own history of going after and accomplishing the things that everybody said he could never do, Keith will show you the formula and the way.

Consulting that allows your organization to achieve new levels of success with confidence, resiliency and a LIMITLESS attitude!



1 .Cultivate a LIMITLESS MINDSET that leads to exponential growth

2. Develop deeper and more meaningful relationships within your business

3. Identify unknown opportunities

4. Implement a winning culture



1. Create your LIMITLESS MINDSET and unleash your potential and take charge of your life

2. Overcome past trials and tribulations

3. Become proactive instead of reactive

4. Cultivate and Implement impactful habits and rituals


Weekly Zoom calls allow us to create an open and transparent line of communication while developing and implementing strategic steps to reach new levels -- and realize your success in business or life is truly -- LIMITLESS.

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Event Planner at 

South Dakota Unified Judicial System

"Keith delivered one of the most talked about keynotes to-date for the Children's Justice Conference. His story is not only humbling but inspirational. His challenges and triumphs are a testimony to his survivor attitude. I highly recommend Keith Edmonds."

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